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Assurance services and audits go hand in hand when determining the effectiveness of a business. For tax purposes and to comply with all financial regulations, it is essential that business owners maintain accurate records when running a business. Our certified public accountants at Robinson, Gruters, & Roberts, CPAs can assist business owners in achieving success by providing different types of assurance services. Business owners can use our CPA assurance services to gain a better understanding of where their business is spending and losing money as an effective way to reduce expenses. Assuring a business’s financial health through our professional auditing services can also help business owners identify areas of growth and expansion. Our assurance services include auditing and financial projections. 

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Assurance Services Near You in Venice, Fl

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When business owners choose Robinson, Gruters, & Roberts, CPAs for assurance services as well as auditing services, they receive many beneficial insights into their business. By booking a consultation, business owners will be able to dive deeper into all the beneficial aspects of our assurance services as well as create a better understanding of the financial aspects of their business. 

What Are Assurance Services?

Audit and Assurance ServicesAssurance services are a type of independent professional service typically provided by our Florida certified public accountants (CPAs). As part of our assurance process, any financial document or transaction may be reviewed, including a loan, a contract, or a financial website. During this review, our CPA will certify the accuracy and validity of the items under review. 

The main purpose of assurance services is to improve the quality of information available to individuals making decisions. Providing independent assurance is a practical method of ensuring the reliability of the information on which a decision is based, and thereby reduces risks. Our clients benefit from our assurance services by proactively managing and monitoring the risks associated with third-party relationships in their partner networks. Our assurance services also help businesses to make their information more relevant, valuable, and transparent to investors and the market. A sustainable growth strategy and competitive differentiation strategy can be achieved by sharing business performance more accurately. 

In contrast, when our assurance services are needed, we don’t limit them to only analyzing financial systems. We can also examine other aspects of the business, such as information technology systems, internal controls, and other policies and procedures. 

When business owners choose Robinson, Gruters, & Roberts, CPAs for assurance services they receive many beneficial insights into their business including:

  • Audits that provide third parties with the highest level of assurance and include in-depth examinations of account balances, inventories, and certain transactions. 
  • Reviews of financial statements for the purpose of providing limited assurance to outside parties, confirming financial statement matters, and identifying any items that require further investigation. In addition to ensuring the integrity of the business’s data, we conduct reviews for a variety of reasons. 
  • Incorporation of information provided by the organization into compilations for internal use. It is important to note that these reports do not offer assurance, but they may indicate where accounting records need to be adjusted. 

Assurance Solutions: Create a Custom-Tailored Plan for Your Situation

When residents or business owners in Venice Beach, FL require assurance services, our team of auditors and CPAs can use the results to create a custom-tailored plan to fit each of our client’s unique situations. We are able to create custom-tailored plans for each of our clients, as the types of assurance services we provide create a broad yet specific view of how the business is functioning and how it can improve. When our assurance services are requested, our CPAs provide our clients with pertinent information that will assist in making informed decisions. The most common assurance services we provide are:

  • Audits – The purpose of an audit is to confirm that the data and processes of an organization are accurate and reliable. An audit is the review of financial records or accounts, whereas assurance is the analysis of the processes related to those records or accounts. Following an audit, the organization can make changes as needed and be confident that its financials and processes are accurate. 
  • Risk Management – Today, companies are exposed to greater risks and more precipitous changes in fortune than ever before. It is important for owners and investors to identify the full scope of these risks and to take precautions to mitigate them. As part of this service, an entity’s business risk profile is evaluated and an evaluation of its systems is conducted to determine whether those systems are effective in managing the entity’s business risks. 
  • Business Performance Measurement Assessment – By evaluating a company’s performance measurement system, this service helps determine whether its measures are reliable and relevant for evaluating the company’s goals and objectives. A comparison of the company’s performance with that of its competitors is also provided when this assurance service is requested. In order for a business to be successful, this information is essential. Financial statements alone are not sufficient for managers and investors to gain a thorough understanding of the company’s operations. As part of this assurance service, that detailed data will be provided. 
  • Information Systems Reliability Assessment – Information is essential for the successful operation of a business. Our CPAs can provide assurance that a company’s internal information systems are reliable by conducting an information systems reliability assessment. Having established that the systems present accurate data, owners will be in a much better position to make decisions regarding both operations and finances. 
  • Healthcare Performance Measurement Assessment – Under the old fee-for-service system of health care in the United States, businesses that provided the greatest number of healthcare services were rewarded the most. A new system has been instituted, however, which accomplishes the opposite. Business organizations that deliver the fewest health care services are rewarded by the managed care system. Therefore, employers and employees are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality and availability of their healthcare services. Owners can receive assurances about the effectiveness of healthcare services provided by doctors, hospitals, and other providers by conducting a healthcare performance measurement assessment. 

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Regardless of the number of employees in your organization, we will be able to scale our services to fit your needs and provide the advice, service, consultation, and strategic vision you require for healthy growth. You will be able to benefit from the expertise and professional services offered by larger firms while at the same time receiving the personal attention you would receive from your own internal team. Our company offers the best of both worlds. The advanced systems we have in place will also allow you to access your financials at any time, allowing you to make informed decisions based on real-time information. Keeping your business operation on track is our goal, as well as providing you with the expert advice you need to make proactive financial decisions, plan thoughtfully, and routinely evaluate your business’s performance. 

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